Features You’ll Love

One-Time Purchase

The purchase model offers full access to a product after a single transaction, rather than an annual subscription fee for access. Despite a seemingly high purchase price, it is likely to be the wiser economic choice in the long-term.

Progressive Web App

Enhance your client connection with a customisable, branded app that pairs the power of Blue Horse Gym Software with Progressive Web App with a ‘look and feel’ that’s all your own. Going beyond just managing.

100% User Data Security

There is no sharing of user data with any third party, user data with be hosted on client's hosted server

Best Client Service

With the increase in competition of gyms over the past few years, it is very important that you focus on maintaining best client service in your gym. You can register their complaints and ask for feedback digitally.

Enquiry/Follow Up

Following up your customers is the most crucial part of any of your business. Therefore, We have provided the feature to follow up with your existing customers or potential leads.

Biometric Integration

Since the biometrics terminals read each employee's unique fingerprint, hand shape, iris or face shape, they ensure employees are unable to clock in for one another, preventing cases of employee time theft.

Member Management

Deliver an exceptional member experience from the beginning. Go paperless with online signups, website integration and a member dashboard that you’ll love.

Go Mobile

Free yourself from the front desk and experience the benefits of having your entire gym system at your fingertips.

Reminder for renewal and payments

Is it still an issue to remember which member has his membership expiring on which date? Our Gym Software gives you an alert on the dashboard of the expected renewals expected in the next 7 days & payments yet to be received from the previous payments.

Client's workout and diet plan

Create workout & diet plans for your clients. Create your own templates once & re-use them for more than 1 client with just one click, the same will reflects in clients individual login of the mobile app.

Client's body analysis

Record BMI reports & body measurements. Every-time you record a detail it shows a comparative analysis of the progress of the client in the software and gives you trend report of progress made by the client.

Client's retentions

Our Gym Software helps strengthen relations with your clients by sending automatic wishes through SMS on their birthday & marriage anniversary. Also, our gym software alerts for clients who are not coming from the last 3 days to show them some care.

GST & Non GST billing

Thinking small gym who do not make GST bills won’t be able to use a software which comes integrated with billing facility? Our Gym Software enables you to create GST and Non-GST bills for a gym membership, group classes & personal training.

Walking and marketing tools

Our Gym Software alerts you to follow potential clients & walk-ins on time, you can record each response in the software. Create new promotional campaigns & send bulk SMS to all clients & inquiries.

Unlimited access

Manage with no limits! Unlimited packages, clients, and user logins. There is no limit on the amount of data you store. You can create a user login panel for all your employees individually, thus keeping a tab on which employee has made which entry.